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Licensed in Washington
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Select the Right Painting Contractor for You

There are all kinds painting contractors. It's not often easy to see what type of contractor you're hiring. The jocular confidence of the contractor as he estimates your job is no guarantee your job will run right, or will turn out as as you hoped and paid for. The Department of Labor and Industries has a few suggestions as well.

Here are a few considerations you may use while deciding if Ritland Painting is the right painting contractor for you.

  1. Investigate

    • Check with three or four contractors for their expert opinion on the job
    • Get detailed estimates so that you can accurately compare
    • Check the references of the contractors you choose

    Ritland Painting will give you a Free Expert Written Estimate and Evaluation of your job. You may also check out Homeowner or Commercial pages with quotes from our satisfied clients. We would be happy to supply you with some reference names and contact numbers, simply phone or e-mail us.

  2. Ask Questions

    Phone the contractor and ask them questions about their business:
    • Where is the business located? Do they give you a PO box or a street address?
    • How long has the company been in business?
    • Has the ownership changed?
    • Do the employees receive benefits?
    • Is the painter a member of business or professional groups?

    Ritland Painting hasbeen in the business of painting since 1971. Employees of Ritland Painting receive medical and dental coverage, 401(k), profit sharing, and paid time off. We are very active in many painting and contracting associations— check out the Affiliations page for more detail.

  3. Check their legal credentials

    • Are they licensed to work in the State of Washington?
    • Do they have Workers' Compensation And Liability Insurance Coverage?
    • Are they bonded? If so, what kind of bonds for how much?

    Ritland Painting is Licensed (WA State Reg. #RITLANP977DF and #KENRICP088MB), Bonded (CBIC #635578) for $12,000 and Insured for $2,000,000. The company is recognized for zero claim and outstanding safety records, annually since 1997.

  4. Review the bids

    Make sure you get at least three detailed evaluations and estimates of your job. Keep in mind that there are many different variables that will affect the contractor's price including:
    • Service, workmanship, and materials
    • The complexity of the job
    • The experience of the contractor
    • Expections voiced by the owner

    We only use the best materials and technologies for the job for durability and quality. We keep updated on our training and use the PDCA Standards for all of our proposals and contracts.

  5. Warranty

    Ask if the contractor guarantees their work.

    Ritland Painting has a 3 year workmanship warranty.

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  7. Go with Your Instincts

    Your home is your investment. You want a contractor you feel comfortable with and can ask questions of. Make sure your contractor has experience and a reputation you feel good about.

    Contact Ritland Painting now for your Free Estimate.

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