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Professionals doing right
Meeting your schedule
First-rate materials
Reasonable prices
Honest relationships

We Take Pride In Our Work

Professionals will be on your job, clean and accurate, painters who take a lot of pride in their work. We hire the best people, then train them to be experts in our procedures, plus supply the best tools and materials for proper preparation and application. These are great peopleledgeable foremen with an average of 20 years experience, polite crew who really get things done.

Our operating philosophy is old-fashioned: quality work plus honest relationships, doing what we say we're going to, working with the customer to make sure it's as it's supposed to be.

Customers of Ken Ritland Painting know that things will be taken care of:

  • Craftsmanship and first-rate materials
  • Flexibility to move with the schedule, completion without unnecessary delay
  • Workers patient and thorough to the job requirements
  • Knowledge of design and colors from thousands of jobs
  • Referrals to accomplished Interior Designers.
  • Color accuracy—we only use paints that are accurate batch to batch and to the chip
  • Protection of valuables, clean and accurate application. We cover and protect!
  • Reliability and Guaranteed results. We have home exteriors that are still holding out after 20 years of rough Northwest weather
  • Prices which are reasonable to the requirements of the job—what is a really great paint job worth?
  • In excess of 100,000 consecutive safe working hours

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Check out our job portfolios 졠class="link" href="owner.asp">Homeowner and Commercial.

16305 Linden Ave N
Seattle, WA 98133
Tel (206) 546-8055
Fax (206) 542-0124
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