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Quality, Year after Year
Often Recommended
Consistent Owner
Steady Employees

Loyal Customers and a Dedicated Team

Quality work plus service has made Ritland Painting what it is today. In 2002, over 90% of our jobs were for or referred from former clients.

Whether painting questions, surface problems, color uncertainties, paint selection, and so on, our clients know who to call for the answers on painting questions, and who to recommend to their friends and family for fine painting work. Since 1971, Ken Ritland has been serving people with that very goal of creating a loyal customer base and fostering friendships.

Ritland Painting was founded by Ken as a student painting company. Originally from Bellevue, Ken worked his way through college partnering with brothers Keith and Kermit. The Ritland Brothers believed in consistent, thorough work that was both economical and durable.

Then known as Ritland Brothers Painting, the company moved the painting focus to Seattle in 1973, starting with restoring exteriors in the Mount Baker neighborhood. After graduating from Evergreen State College in 1976, Ken continued as a sole-proprietor with a steady clientele in Washington Park, the Highlands community and other prestigious neighborhoods. Ken Ritland Custom Painting acquired a reputation as a painting company with a fine product.

In 1992, Ken's focus became hiring a crew of dependable, reliable people with the same old-fashion philosophy of hard work, quality and honest customer relationships. Many painting companies have difficulty keeping their employees due to the seasonal unpredictability of the painting business. Ritland Painting has been able to attract and keep their high caliber employees including Superintendent Mike Stango who has been with the company since 1995. Our painters enjoy the professionalism and team-oriented working environment. Ritland Painting rewards employee loyalty with a benefits package.

2003 marked another milestone for Ritland Painting when the company was incorporated as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC).

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Ritland Painting, LLC continues Ken's original goal by guarantying its workmanship for 3 years and offering a referral bonus.

16305 Linden Ave N
Seattle, WA 98133
Tel (206) 546-8055
Fax (206) 542-0124
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